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Data output and variables

An automatic post-processing procedure, aimed at extracting monthly (MON), daily (DAY), 6hours (6HRS) data for different subsets of variables has been implemented. More than 50 fields have been stored at monthly frequency.

For daily and 6hours data 3D fields have been degraded to T255 due to archive limitation. Additional output at 3hours frequency have been stored for the Euro-cordex region (3HRS_CDX) and a sub-domain including India Tibet and Pakistan (3HRS_ITP). Total precipitation has been saved also over the global grid at full resolution with 3 hours frequency (3HRS). Finally, synoptic monthly means have been stored (SMON).

A few non-linear variables (e.g. humidity) have been computed from 3-hour output and then averaged at the required frequency in order to not lose information. Data are stored in netcdf4 Zip format (Hdf5 compression). 

A indicative list of the variables availables on the THREDDS  server at the given frequency can be found here below.

Full details can be found in a PDF table can be downloaded from here.

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